Tools that your startup may find very helpful

There are times when your efficiency depends on how well equipped you are to use the tools and tricks available. We at always strive to look for newer ways of problem solving, creative ways to achieve efficiency and ultimately sharing those findings with our readers.

1. Create Plans , Charts and Timelines

Want to create captivating timelines, plans and charts? Take a look at this free online service that you can utilize

2. Scheduling for more than 2 people

How many times it happens that you need to block a calendar for a group of people and you are not quite sure how to arrange for a common available time. Check this link out below

Just in case you are working across time zones, you can utilize below application

3. Icons

This is for those instances where you need an impact without putting much words on the slides or on documents.

4. Org Charts

Creating org charts have been a nightmare for most of us. If you need to make a quick org chart Check out

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