Samsung S10 plus review snapshot

A snapshot review of all of the key features of the most talked about and most sold devices from Samsung

How much would you like to shell out for a new Android phone?

How about the  $1,100 starting price of the Note 10 Plus. Samsung sells the Galaxy S10 Plus, which is nigh indistinguishable from the Note 10 Plus to a person like myself.

That’s the essential question for the Note 10 Plus. It wasn’t always this way: Samsung was the first one to break the jinx on many fronts including a few different and radically “Exploding” things (pun intended) over its eight-year history.

So what it is about Samsung

It was the first phone that convinced us that big screens were actually great, the phone that proved there was a market for a super powerful Android phone, and this all started at a time when Android had a share that was much less than iOS in circa 2000s. In this Samsung S10 plus review snapshot we will explore about S10 plus and its pluses and minuses.

A note about Samsung Note 10

Samsung has traveled long since then, as have we of course. The Note 10 Plus does a number of things, some of which manage to rise above the level of the typical Samsung offerings. It is a big, beautiful, powerful, well-made “beast”. You can take all of that for granted, which is an achievement in and of itself.  There’s so much traction in the Android space that the only thing that should drive your purchase decision is the little metal stick sitting inside of it.

Here is a quick info-graphic of Samsung 10 plus.

Samsung S10 Review Snapshot Info-graphics

On form factor frame, the S10 Plus design is a combination of new and old. Its aluminum frame is far slim than that of its predecessor S9 Plus, and still squeezed in between smooth Gorilla Glass 6. Color choices are ‘Prism’ white, black and green, while the 512GB and 1TB versions are backed by ceramic in either white or black.

iOS vs S10 comparison

For the affectionados of iOS and for those who want to see how iOS and S10 fare together vs each other Here is the Link for this blog post.

Why Buy the Galaxy S10 Plus?

1.Super beautiful display.

2.Great battery that lasts all day.

3. 5x Cameras that takes really beautiful pictures.

4. Accurate Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner.

5.Beautiful display with lots of screen real estate

6.Really fast performance and great gaming.


You may have expected one or two features that did not make an appearance in the Galaxy S10 Plus but trust me when I say they are not missed as the features that stayed are tweaked and work very well.

The Galaxy S10 is the results of years of Samsung engineering culminating in solid phone that checks all the right boxes. Samsung has outdone themselves and I and many others love the final product.

Seeing the current state of the smartphone market Samsung is the one truly innovating and pushing the envelope of whats possible in a smartphone that can fit in your palm. Looking for the the best phone that currently exist you would do well in getting the Galaxy S10 Plus.

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