How to get WES evaluation for Canada PR

Getting WES evaluation report is one of the most important steps in getting prepared for Canada PR under FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) category. Below are most frequently asked questions related to WES evaluation. 1.What is WES anyway? Ans- World Education Services (WES), is a 3rd party organization that evaluates all of your education and converts into Canadian education equivalency. Canada PR requires a  Document by Document Evaluation (ECA) which is basically all transcripts evaluated. 2. Do I need to attach the transcripts requested form to the University along with Transcripts? Ans:Yes, Universities can send direcltly to CIC. But they can also deliver it to candidates in sealed envelope, which later can be sent to CIC. 3.Can I send Photocopies of All degree copies(Other than Year wise mark sheets) to the WES in same courier ? Ans: No, these must be authorized transcripts typically by registrar of university. 4.What other copies needs to be attached other than transcripts ? Ans: This is all, with relevant details about your application. 5.Filling online application (payment too) and sending courier that’s it WES Procedure right? Ans: This is pretty straight, WES gives all details, for example

A. How to Submit Your Academic Documents:

  • It is your responsibility to arrange for your academic documents to be sent to WES.
  • Please review the document submissions checklist to help you submit your documents correctly.
  • Upon receipt, your documents will be reviewed and if any document or information is missing, WES will contact you immediately.
  • WES reference number is required on all documents. Without a reference number WES cannot accept your documents.
a. Bachelor Degree
All documents listed below are required. Special Requirements:

  • For applicants submitting a Master’s Degree or PGDip (12+3+2) for evaluation click here.
  • For study completed at the University of Mumbai, Gujarat University, or Goa University click here.
  • For study in AyurvedaUnani, and Siddha indigenous medical systems click here.
  • WES does NOT evaluate academic records from Sikkim Manipal University.
1. Final or Provisional Degree Certificate Examples: Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Postgraduate Diploma, Doctorate


Forward a legible copy of the document to WES.
2. Annual Statement of Marks / Academic Transcript An official document issued by the institution responsible for conducting the examinations (e.g. university, constituent or autonomous college). It lists all subjects/papers taken and marks earned for each year of study. NOTES: WES does not accept mark sheets that have been issued and/or attested by the college you attended unless from an autonomous or constituent college. To check whether your college has autonomous status click here. Arrange for the documents to be sent directly to WES by the university or autonomous college responsible for conducting the examinations.


If the document is given to you to forward to WES, it must be attested & dated and placed in an official sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate authentication officer at the institution that conducted the examination. If the envelope has been opened or there is no stamp or signature across the back flap, the document will not be accepted by WES. NOTE: WES only accepts documents attested and sealed by the designated official at the institution that conducted the examination (e.g. Controller of Examination or Registrar’s Offices). Attestations by individual professors, officials at affiliated colleges, or external notary publics will not be accepted. Please click here to download an academic transcript request form.

Doctoral Programs: Confirmation of Award/Degree Conferral An official written statement certifying that you have been awarded the degree.  The Academic Records Request Form may be used for this purpose. Arrange for the document to be sent directly to WES by the institution that awarded the degree.
To find contact information for the appropriate institution, please click here to visit the Association of Indian University (AIU) website.
b. Masters Degree
All documents listed below are required.

Academic Transcript

An official document that lists all subjects taken and grades earned for each year of study.

The applicant must arrange for the institution to send academic transcripts directly to WES.

Please click here to download an academic transcript request form.

2. How to Check the Status of Your Application: WES provides an easy-to-use online tracking system that provides the same information as used by our customer service department. To check the status of your application, visit My Account.We thank you for choosing WES for your credential evaluation.3. For ECA Updates visit Important Information for ECA Applicants.

You need to send documents related to your highest qualification only which is masters. In some cases WES also asks for Bachelors even though the applicant has submitted docs for masters so if you want to play safe – send both masters and bachelors. Documents required for each univ. or higher qualification: – Original Univ. Transcript in a SEALED Envelope from the Univ. – Copy of your Univ. Degree Certificate (not college certificate) – Copies of all your Univ. provided mark sheets – Copy of WES Payment receipt. – Document do not need attestation but this may vary depending on the Univ. Please check the WES Portal for more details pertaining to your univ. (if available).   You can even check the WES equivalency by yourself, by going to the website.

Important Points about WES

  • Education Credential Assessment is required only for the Primary Applicant. But for other applicants if they are getting points in application then they must have ECA reports by WES.
  • Applicants should NOT submit their original documents.
  • Please submit a formal application before your documents are scheduled to arrive at WES. Without an application on file, WES will be unable to process your academic records or confirm that they have been received.
  • The education documents which are not in English language are required to be translated in English Language by a certified Translator.
  • WES Canada address where you must send your transcripts
    WES Reference No. 1234567
    World Education Services
    Attention: Documentation Center
    2 Carlton Street, Suite 1400
    Toronto, Ontario M5B 1J3


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