Part-4 How to Get Canada PR- Checklist

This is the EpmWise series of articles on getting Canada PR. This is the fourth post in this series. All of the information provided is based on the updates as of Aug 2017.

Preparing your application for Canada Permanent Residency can be daunting. Below are the key items you must keep ready for your application. These is a comprehensive list of items that you will need during the FSW application process. Some of the description about All applicants and Primary applicant is just indicative and in real time it will be based on case to case scenario. There are cases when primary applicant and spouse, both are eligible for points on work experience, education etc.

1 Passport – All Applicants

2 Academic – 10th, 12th- All Applicants

4 Bachelor’s Degree, Certificates – All Applicants

5 Post Graduation (PhD/Masters- All Applicants


6 Academic Transcripts – All Applicants

7 Education Credential Assessment- All Applicants

8 Payslip – Principal Applicant

9 Employment Documents – Principal Applicant

10 Proof of Language Proficiency IELTS (General) – All Applicants

11 Travel History Form – Principal Applicant

12 Settlement Funds to show in account

Click Here for the funds details to show for Canada PR.

13 FSWP – Visa Application Fee- All Applicants

16 Marriage Certificates

17 Travel History Form – All Applicants

18 Digital Photos

Click Here for the photographs specifications

22 Birth Certificate -Child/ Children

26 Police Clearance Certificate – All Applicants (Except Kids)

Click Here to get PCC process for the country you want PCC from.

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