Part-3 How to Get Canada PR – Estimated Cost

This is the EpmWise series of articles on getting Canada PR. This is the third post in this series. All of the information provided is based on the updates as of Aug 2017.

For every process of Canada PR, there is a fee which you have to pay. For every Canada Immigration program there is a fix amount charged by the Canada High Commission. Therefore, depending on your program ( FSW in our scenario) below are the high level cost breakup

Please note that above cost breakup is just to provide a rough guideline on how much main expenses are going to be during the whole PR process. Actual cost will vary based on respective scenarios. IELTS exam cost is very much same and is converted to your local currency.

Medical exams and Transcripts cost, can vary. Different locations have their own medical testing costs. Also for transcripts, different universities have their own price ranges.

For WES evaluation, however, there is a consistent fee of about $156 CAD.

Finally while submitting your PR application, a fee of about $500 CAD is charged per person. There is an additional requirement to show an amount of about $18,000 CAD (for a 3 person family) as bank balance.

Hope that these high level cost will give you a fair bit of an idea as how much roughly are the costs.

Want to convert these costs in your local currency?- Click Here

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