Part-2 How to Get Canada PR- IELTS

This is the EpmWise series of articles on getting Canada PR. This is the second post in this series. All of the information provided is based on the updates as of Aug 2017.

This post deals with resources available for IELTS General test. This test is one of the critical requirement for Canada PR process. A good IELTS score ensures help in getting a better CRS rank eventually.


A general format of preparation, that mostly work, is getting familiar of the test format and then taking as many practice tests as much you can.

Below are the resources you might find helpful to get acquainted with the exam format. Please note that you MUST read about IELTS General Training for Canada PR purpose. You can take print out of these samples and then take the sample test. Here is the link for official IELTS Test. Below are the supplementary sources for IELTS:

  1. General Format of IELTS – Click Here
  2. Reading Test Format – Click Here
  3. Writing Test Format – Click Here
  4. Speaking Test Format – Click Here
  5. Listening Test Format – Click Here
  6. YouTube Listening Sample Test – Click Here
  7. British Council Sample Test – Click Here
  8. IELTS Essentials ( Very Handy resource) – Click Here

Few other factors to keep in mind about IELTS General Test

  1. Book the IELTS in Advance to avoid delays in finding the slots. Availability of test slots are limited. Planning ahead is always helpful.
  2. Take some extra layer cloths with you. This is because for a long duration and all test takers are in a common room with others. Room temperatures settings vary and having multiple layers gives you enough flexibility to adjust to it.
  3. Listening to loud speakers in room, can be tricky in Listening Test. So be careful that you are used to the sound.
  4. Making notes is helpful, and making mental notes is even more helpful. In listening test, there will be time when you will find missing some information while you are jotting down some points.
  5. It’s important to keep listening to the audio even while your hands are busy writing down.
  6. For speaking test, it is usually best practice to be yourself and to pace yourself down while speaking.
  7. Typically no books are needed to purchase for IELTS test preparations. Most of the online resources are more than sufficient. You can choose to take print out of certain material. But this is very subjective, and depends on how you like to prepare.
  8. Remember that Taking practice tests every week or more, will prepare you better than reading about IELTS tests.


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