epmwise Team

Since 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to helping you move fast, and break things. We’ve grown over the years, in numbers and content.

Meet epmwise founding team which is focused on the bringing you fresh, relevant and most up to date content

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma is based out of Calgary, Canada. She explores topics…

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Prakash Chand

Prakash Chand is an IIT-Delhi alumni and his area of interests…

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Kunika Sharma

Kunika specialize in Multimedia and multi-site SEO. She did her…

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Anita Bhatt

Anita is the Chief Editor at epmwise. Her specialization includes…

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Kamla Sharma

As a medical science graduate, Kamla focus on Health and Wellness…

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Ritika Pandey

Ritika Pandey is currently pursuing her advance studies in…

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