Hyperion Data Migration

To migrate data from one environment to another, please follow below steps:

1. Login to EAS console

2. Expand application list and expand the application which has the database from which we need the data export

3. Right click on the Database and select Export data option and select Level 0 data and provide a file name for the Level 0 export ( with txt extn)

4. By default the export file will be placed in EssbaseserverEssbaseserver1app folder

5. Move the exported level zero data file to the test server

6. From withing EAS console of test server right click on the database where the data needs to be imported and select Load data

7. Select find data file and point it to the level zero export file copied over from production,

8. level zero data file doesn’t need a rule file for data load so click on finish to load data.

9. Right click on the database and select execute calculation. Select ‘Default’ calc and execute it

On performing the above steps the data will be migrated from your production Essbase database to Test Essbase database

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