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At some point of time we all face hair problems. Whether it is due to premature graying of hair, hair fall or simply dandruff.There are so many problems related to hair  and when we seek solution we generally focus on hair but we rarely talk about scalp.

May be we have lesser knowledge about it and its health. Part of the reason could be that on the web there is not much mention of the same hence there is relatively less awareness around it. So, lets discuss about something which is the root cause of hair problems.

Anything which affect pH balance of scalp( whether internally or externally), deteriorates hairs ability to retain its strength.So, to cure the disease completely it is very important for all of us to know that what are the causes of scalp damage and its  treatment and believe me If you  focus on scalp for hair problems then definitely you can reduce half of your hair problem. Take a look on below image. Please click here for more details.

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PH of scalp  is generally around 5 which is considered slightly acidic as shown above. But if due  to any reason this pH increases or decreases; this provide a perfect medium for bacteria,   virus and fungi to grow.  Dandruff or flaking scalp is the root cause of so many problems and caused  by a  fungus   Malassezia. Around 80% of our problems are related to this factor only.

Hair health is not restricted to hair only, somewhere it is related to our our health. Also healthy and shiny hair are not a one day result. In fact there are so many little things which you should incorporate into your daily habits to feel the difference.

Remember your hair reflect your overall health.So, here we have simple yet effective ways to boost your hair health. So, Let’s start

  1. Most important and most easy thing which we can do to our body is drink plenty of water. WaterYes, you heard it right.Drink 7-8 glass of water throughout the day to restore your pH of scalp which helps in detoxifying your body and also maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair as well.
  2.  Use a PH balanced daily shampoo for your hair.ShampooCheck PH bottle level and a shampoo with a  pH closer to which is around 5
  3. Rinse your hair and scalp in a mixture of equal parts of Apple cedar vinegar to restore pH quickly once in 15 days.
  4. Diet- vitamin A and Vitamin C plays a very important role maintaining a healthy hair. Vitamin A is good at keeping dandruff away and vitamin c helps in producing collagen pair production. Biotin is very important for hair growth. VitaminsMost common source of biotin is egg.  Vitamin C and D is also very essential in strengthening the hair to  make them beautiful.Add more green vegetables into your diet.
  5. Hormones- Hormones play a very important role for our hair health. Conditions like pregnancy and autoimmune disease where huge hormonal imbalance occur and results eventually drastic hair loss.Sometimes we cannot control the stressful situation but most of the times we can.So, try to reduce the stress and be happy most of the time.

6. Oiling – Find some time to oil your hair at least once in a week.It is shows best results if you apply lukewarm oil to the scalp.Coconut oil is good for hair but it is up to you depending upon your suitability.

7. Lifestyle-Limit your caffeine and take proper sleep, practice yoga and meditation and try to reduce the stress level as possible

Hope you will follow these above steps and will have healthy and nourishing hair.

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