How to send Canada PR Photos Right in first go while in USA

A quick tip for all of those residing in USA and applying for Canada PR

It is quite frustrating to see delays in the later stages of your applications due to the in-correct photos sent to CIC.  At the time of this writing in Aug 2017, this is best you can do to avoid this delay. Just to repeat myself, this post is applicable to applicants who are based out of USA.

  1. One of the common mistake in sending the hard copies of photos is to use Wallgreens , CVS, RightAid or similar services. This is the big mistake at first place.
  2. Main reason for the above is the fact that these do not have custom editing options. Rather they have standard templates for USA passports, Canada Passports etc. (please note, not for Canada PR)
  3. Best Bet is to use local photographers and have them create digital copies for you and then get the prints from Walmart etc. Make sure you give the specifications beforehand.
  4. They should charge you not more than $50 for the digital copies.


Hope more people will get it right first time and will avoid delays in their PR process. Thanks for watching this post.



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