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How Best(or Not so Best) was it for me!

Being someone who likes to review products, new platforms, technologies we at epmwise continue to share our feedback, opinions and experiences with our readers. While it is true that these are our experiences which can vastly or marginally be different than anyone else’s, but this is what the overall goal of epmwise is: To share, reflect and exchange ideas, experiences and learning.

I have been a big fan of GearBest. They have huge assortment of products that are cost effective, highly usable and are designed well. Partially that is the reason why I chose to become a member of GearBest and ordered a magnetic phone mount for my car.

GearBest CarMount


If you are reading  this post chances are very high that you also like to explore, reflect , like to try out new product and services and subsequently spread the word among your friends and close ones.

So coming to this incident, there is no doubt that it was one of the best deals at that given price as it is the case with most of GearBest products. They offer tremendous value for money for its customers. And then as we all expect that in case of any delays, lost items, it is the “Typically” shipper who has to bear the responsibility of the product till the point product is not delivered to the customer.

This is what happened with this order. And when contacted GearBest ( with the scenario, this is the response from GearBest support.  As a matter of fact, at the time of writing of this post, there was no on call support available. And it might not be an issue as long as post sales service is able to go extra miles to help customers and keep them happy. Something which the likes of Amazon, eBay does exceptionally well in general. And this is why it comes as a shocker when a new-er online retailer do not adhere to those  implicitly set standards of support and service. This post as much as it is based on a singular, isolated incident is as much of a representative of a wider phenomenon which happens with lack of regard of customers’ pain and agony.

I am presenting a high level communication flow to keep things in perspective. And this post aims at bringing awareness among its readers to know what to expect in worst case from GB support.

Below the high level itinerary of the communication flow

  1. Product Was ordered
  2. Never got delivered
  3. Contacted GearBest support about it and asked for resolution
  4. Was given some ridiculous option of 50% refund, more details in communication below.
  5. They denied returning money, saying we did not purchase insurance protection
  6. Again wrote them about it, and finally they said they give GB wallet refund, and I do not have any option other than accepting.


Dear XYZ,

We apologize with this delay and sincerely regret to hear that you have not received your order.

After reviewing your order in detail, we have found that you haven’t purchased any insurance during the check-out. Please understand that in such case we can only compensate you partially.

The shipping company is actually responsible for this loss which is sadly beyond our control.

Please review in detail our shipping and insurance policy in our terms and conditions here:

However, as you are a valuable customer, we are willing to help you the best way we possibly can.

Here are the best solutions we can offer you in this situation:

1) Resend the item upon repaying 50% of the order value.

In this case we will send you an invoice to submit the payment of 2.59USD via PayPal.

Please confirm your shipping address again in this format:

Consignee Name:

Detailed Address:


State (Province):

Postal Code:


Phone Number:

2) Partial refund to your Wallet as store credit.

We can refund 2.59USD as a gesture of good will to your Wallet and exceptionally reward you with extra points (You will receive 2 points for every 1 USD. For example 3USD will gain you 6 points).

You can use both your Wallet and points to purchase your future products.

We will refund you within 1 working day.

Learn more about wallet benefits :

Learn more about points benefits :

3) Partial refund to your original payment account.

In this case, we can refund 2.59USD to your original payment account.

Kindly let us know your decision.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,


Gearbest Customer Service



To this my seemingly obvious reply was

This is unacceptable. Gearbest must take full ownership of the loss. IF this is caused by shipping company, you must deal this with your shipping company. I had good reviews of GearBest for my friends so far. I am surprised how can you conduct your business in such a way, this is a kind of fraud where you are misleading your customers by promising them something and by giving them poor quality of services. Who owns the responsibility if the items again get lost during shipping? This is beyond acceptable. Please connect me to your supervisor or someone who has authority to take some decisions.


Thank you for contacting Gearbest.

We are so sorry that you didn’t buy the insurance, so we give you the best solution that we can offer you.Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards

Gearbest Customer Service


Thank you for your reply.

Please note that you didn’t buy insurance for this order, in this situation, the shipping company will not compensate us, so we can only patial refund for you.

As you are an valuable customer for us, and we extremely sympathize your situation, we would like to make a concession:

We can full refund 5.18USD to your GB Wallet.

But it is just special for you, not for all.

Please tell us your decision.

Have a nice day.

Best Regards


Gearbest Customer Servive


Please write your experiences, ideas, reflections good or bad about GearBest ot about any other service that you have used.

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