Essbase Files- What actually they contain?

Essbase File Structure

A reference for most of EPM related system files.

As soon as an application created in Essbase, the Analytical Services will creates different files such as Page file(.PAG), Index file (.IND) etc and each files stands for some specific purpose.

All these files are available at $ARBORPATH/app/application/database folder
.otn file (Outline file) : The files consists compile code for the outline hierarchy, member formula, Attributes and Aliases and others.

.pag file (Page file) : This file consists of data and each file size is 2GB, if the data size is more than 2GB the system will creates another page file with capacity of 2GB and this process continues till the system able to accommodate the entire data, it is not readable since it is compiled code.
.ind file (Index file) : This file holds the pointers to the data available in Page files and this will be only one.
.ddb file (Partition file ) : This holds the partitioned criterion and system will two files for each created partition one is at the Source and another one is at the Destination, it is not readable since it is compiled code.
.lro file (Linked Report Object file) : As we can create 3 different types of LRO’s such as link, data, attachment and this file holds the data related to the available LRO’s  in database, it is not readable since it is compiled code.
.db file (Database file) : This file holds the data related to the Database created under application.
.alg file (Audit log file) : This file hods the spread sheet audit information like a log file for lock and send operations through excel.
.atx file (Audit log file) :This holds spread sheet audit historical information, here we can see the updated record in through spread sheet file.
.trg file (Trigger file) : We can put the condition for the data for each possible single combination  of members,by any means if the data for the specified combination satisfy the given condition we can see that record in this file.This file is in .XML format (Extensible Markup Language)
.esm file (Essbase kernel file) : This file holds the compile code that manages pointers to the data blocks, and contains control information that is used for the database recovery during the database crash.
.tct file (Transaction control file) : This file holds the compile code to manages all commits  of data and follows and maintains all transactions.
Log files:application.log : This file holds the log at the application level and this file is available at $ARBORPATH/app/application folder and remaining folders are available at database folder.
.xcp file(Exception file) : This file holds the exception logs.
.olg file (Outline log file) : This holds the outline log details.


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