Canada Jobs 2017 – Is it a better Option?

Canada’s economy added overall of  22,000 jobs last month, with a spike in part-time workers.

Statistics Canada reported Friday the jobless rate declined by 0.1 percentage points to 6.2 per cent — the lowest it’s been since October 2008, right before the financial crisis.

The economy added 110,000 part-time jobs during the month, offset by a loss off 88,000 full-time jobs.

Ontario was the only province with a job surge, gaining 31,000 jobs in August — enough to push the province’s jobless rate down four ticks to it’s lowest level since 2001, at 5.7 per cent.


CANADIAN UNEMPLOYMENT IN AUGUSTBut looking closer we find a deeper perspective on these numbers.

For example, manufacturing sector, lost about 11,000 jobs during the month.

However services sector which mainly includes IT consulting and Business consulting, added about 36,000 jobs.

This could be termed as a positive sign for many of high skilled immigrants moving to Canada.

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