Moving to Canada? Plan Ahead- Goods to Follow

Moving to Canada after getting your PR can be very easy if you plan ahead.

How to make your journey to Canada smoother


Congratulations!! If you are reading this post, chances are very high that you have got your Canadian PR approved. Well, it certainly deserves kudos, after all of those months of documents preparations, IELTS writing, medical exams, exact size photographs now finally you have it in your hands and you are about to move to Canada.

One of the important factors while moving to Canada is about your goods or household items.Moving them from your current country to Canada is a challenging tasks. It is advisable to plan ahead and keep detailed documentation of all the items you are carrying and the items you plan to bring to Canada at a later point in time. CIC website has a detailed and most updated information on their website, which can be accessed here.

So in general in order to enter Canada, you’ll need:

  • a Canadian immigrant visa (as applicable)
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) for each family member traveling with you
  • a valid passport or other travel document for each family member traveling with you
  • two copies each of:
    • a detailed list of all the personal or household items you’re bringing with you
    • a list of items that are arriving later and their money value
    • A sample of Canada gods import form that can be found here

Before you arrive, you must be ready with a hard copy of of all the goods you plan to bring into Canada as.  There is a form BSF186 that must be duly filled, this form can be accessed here.Now the list you have created should:

  • show each item’s value, make, model and serial number (if it has one) , Remember to get your vehicles VIN number in case if this in your list. More details about importing a vehicle to Canada can be found here.
  • be divided into two sections:
    • the goods you’re bringing with you, above form can be used for the same.
    • items that are arriving later and their money value.

Hope these inputs will make your journey to Canada smoother and hassle free. Post your ideas, comments and suggestions with your experience and share your wisdom with other readers.


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