Canada FSW PR – Order of Activities

Applying for Canada PR under FSW category can be very long and tiring process. We have received many queries related to order of activities that must be completed in order to have a nice and logical flow of least dependent blocks of activities.

Below is the order of activities for Canada PR.

1. Getting University Sealed Transcripts

When – Soon after you decided to apply for PR. This step must be done at the very initial stages.

Why- Typically universities (Except countries like USA, UK, Australia, NZ etc) take longer to revert on transcripts requests. Typically for Indian universities it may take up to 2 months to get these.

Note- Sealed transcripts are issued by universities on special requests for special purpose such as higher education or immigration. Each university has a specified procedure and fees for this.

2. Getting WES Evaluation done

When – This must be done soon after step 1 above.

Why-Getting an invitation to apply is subject to availability of WES evaluation done. Typically WES says they about 20 business days to revert, however in peak times, it can go even upto 40 days.

3. Preparing for IELTS and taking IELTS

When – Soon after you decided to apply for PR. It is a mandatory step and points do count towards your CRS ranking.

Why- Preparation can range anywhere between 1 to 3 months. Sometime there can be limited slots in your area for IELTS. Hence booking IELTS earlier is a better approach.

 4. Getting Employer references letters

When- It is actually needed after you get an ITA (Invitation to Apply). But arranging this letter can be time consuming.

Why- It is time consuming to get these letters. Imagine, if someone is having 4 job changes in his career, arranging this letter can take longer. This is one of the important document for FSW category PR.

Ensuring these activities in this order will ensure that PR application process is smooth and is without any surprises. Hope this article was helpful to you. Please let us know your feedback and reviews.



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