Before we have a side by side comparison of ASO and BSO, lets first see, which storage option to use and in which case.

Use ASO when- 

1. Database is sparse, has many dimensions, and dimension has many level members

2. DB is used mainly for read only purpose, with least data updates.

3.Frequent calculations is used in DB, in which case calc scripts needs to be modified often.

4. Esbase 11g has ASO as default option.

There have been many discussions around ASO and BSO in Hyperion Essbase. I am trying to list some of the basic differences (mainly in terms of performance) between these.


Faster load times and calc times, less storage space, HA compatible

Use BSO when –

1. We have requirement to populate any level of data

2. We have more dense data such as in financial applications

1. ASO cubes are better than BSO because

– They load data 20% faster

-Perform calculations 20 times faster

– They consume less storage space.

2. For queries ASO cubes are slower than BSO cubes. However if queries are to be performed regularly than ASO cubes are faster.

3. Usually ASO cubes have more dimensions since ASO has faster queries (if performed regularly, as I mentioned above)

It is interesting to understand that for an end user there is virtually no difference in ASO and in BSO. The way end user will interact with Hyperion system will be same

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